We got the inspiration from the journey of a grape


And designed it for you…

The company which went into action in the year 1984 and which got the title; limited company in 1996, has carried out many successful projects in a sector in which it operated until 2006 and it ensured an absolute customer satisfaction.

The company which laid the foundations of the trademark Ardinart with the wine rack project BSH which it carried out in 2006, has continued to offer services under the name of Ardinart since 2009 by blending the technical information acquired through this project with an experience of more than thirty years and its love of wine.

In the year 2011 the trademark Ardinart, centering on wine cellars upon heavy demand of companies and architects, became a close follower of the developments worldwide on sectorial basis and set up the appropriate substructure and equipment to offer a wine cellar design that goes beyond the customers’ imagination.

Via wine cellars it makes, Ardinart adds value to places in an architectural sense and behind this success of the company; there are a great design team, full equipped timber workshops which the company has for timber production, a love and a deep knowledge of wine as well as business practicum. The company which is well aware of the fact that wine cellar is not only an industrial storage place but a means to drink good wine, presents the wine cellar as a part of the design of the places to you, as its valued customers.

Ardinart which is a nature conscious company with the awareness of its social responsibilities is a member of PEFC certificate system. PEFC; Coc- Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is a system which guarantees that all the stages the raw material goes through,  from the forest to the consumer’s receiving the product, such as; processing, conversion, production and distribution; are fully accomplished .

Ardinart which appreciates wine as it should be, offers aesthetics along with functionality in the wine cellars it designs. Company which combines modern production conditions with craft has the knowledge of hard and also delicate circumstances that are required for the production of a bottle of wine; thus, it conveys the vitality and the unique essence that is in the nature of wine to you, the valuable customers, via wine cellars it produces.

In brief, Ardinart offers you a story of a grape that touches your souls rather than just a wine cellar.

Wish we have the wisdom of the grape as one man…




It is our vision to act in a social awareness, to add value into the nation’s economy, to be the first address of quality and trust in the sector which we operate inwhile continuing our works with a nature conscious approach which is sensitive to human health.




It is our mission to put Ardinart’s signature under pioneering projects which combine aesthetics and functionality in making wine cellars, wine racks and modular rack production by closely following the changes and developments in the sector we operate in.